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Required Forms

(All forms are in PDF format, you will need to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view them. If you do not have it you can obtain the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Click on form titles to download or view. If you are having trouble viewing the forms try clicking on the Reload or Refresh button on your browser.)

W-9 (08/13)

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

New Account Application Form (pdf)

Used to request New Account Application Form

Certificate of Foreign Status (pdf)

This form will be used to set up a foreign vendor in FAMIS.

University Employee Travel Request (04/11) (pdf)

An employee must complete and obtain approval prior to the date of the employee's departure. Failure to do so may lead to non-reimbursement of expenses.

Foreign Travel Request (rev 11/2013) (pdf)

In addition to the University Employee Travel Request form and Risk Assessment form , the Request for Foreign Travel form must be submitted to the President's Office at least six weeks prior to travel. The signature of the President is required. The signature of the Chancellor is not required since state appropriated funds cannot be used for foreign travel.  Employees need to check with the department secretary for other internal departmental procedures.

Although the Chancellor's written approval is not required, TAMIU requires the Request for Foreign Travel and Risk Assessment forms for all international travel including Mexico and Canada for all travel beginning on or after February 16, 2009, to assist with compiling the required information for the University safety and risk management department.

Coordination of Travel Infeasibility (pdf)

Forms must be used if coordination of travel has been recommended, but due to official business reasons cannot be accompanied.

Contract Travel Vendor Exception (pdf)

State Agencies are required to participate in the State Travel Management Program who has awarded contracts for travel agencies, charge card provider, rental car companies, airlines and hotels. The contract must be used and use of non-contract vendors may be allowed under certain conditions. Refer to the Contract Travel Vendor Exemptions Form.

State of Texas Travel Voucher (09/13 (pdf)

Must be completed immediately after travel is completed. Need only be signed by the claimant and the employee's supervisor. (Sample Travel Voucher)

Travel to Washington, D.C.

In addition to the University Employee Travel Request, the individual must submit the Travel to Washington, D.C. form electronically to the Office of State Federal Relations (OSFR).  For fiscal year 2008 and on, only state travelers who intend to confer on legislative or appropriations issues with U.S. Congress/The Federal Government, staff, or officials, should submit travel information to the Texas Office of State-Federal Relations (OSFR).  The department secretary or the traveler can fax the confirmation received from the OSFR office to the following required office listed below.

Dr. Lee Peddicord
Office of the Vice Chancellor for

Academic & Student Affairs
301 Tarrow, 7th Floor
J. B. Connally Bldg
College Station, TX 77840-7896

Fax:  (979) 458-6044

Consultants Service

An independent contractor is an individual engaged by the university to perform a specific function or task and who is free to perform this function or task completely at the individual's own discretion with regard to means and methods. No taxes are required to be withheld or paid on compensation disbursed. The existence of an agreement or contract helps support the independent contractor position. This document should be fairly specific in what is to be provided and amount or lack of control the university/agency has over the individual.

An employee is an individual who performs a service for the University and is working under the direction and control of the university or its employees. Direction and control can be implied to exist when the employer has the right to control both the results as well as the means and methods of the worker.

The Employee/Independent Contractor Classification Checklist is to be used to provide evidence that an individual is properly classified as an independent contractor or employee. The Texas A&M University System Office of Budget & Accounting web site has provided additional guidance in this area.

The address to this site is:


If the checklist indicates that the individual is an independent contractor, a completed Consultant Service Contract is to be used as the source document for the payment to the individual. The Consultant Services Contract must have original signatures from the consultant, Academic Dean, appropriate Vice President, and President. The fully executed contract and checklist is submitted to the Business Office for processing. The requisition number should also be indicated on the documents submitted.

If the checklist indicates that the individual is an employee,a completed Departmental Requisition/ Payroll Department is to be used as the source document for the payment to the employee. The dates of service, duties performed, and amount of compensation to be paid must be indicated on the form. Payroll taxes and benefits will be charged to the appropriate account in addition to the amount of compensation. Original signatures from the employees immediate supervisor and approval from the appropriate Vice President. must be obtained prior to submittal to the payroll department.

The Employee/Independent Contractor Classification Checklist must also be attached to the requisition.

Independent Contractor Agreement (Revised 05/03/13)

Service Contract Agreement (Revised 05/03/13)

Attach forms if applicable:



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