Registration Directions
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Registration Directions

New Student Registration Directions

First-time Freshmen

Begin by calling the Office of Recruitment & School Relations for an advising appointment at 956-326-2270.                                                           


New Transfers

Begin by calling the Office of the University Registrar for an appointment to review your degree plan.

Call 956-326-2246 to set-up your appointment.

Registration Directions for Continuing Students

1. Logon to UConnect ( to check your registration status, check and update your mailing address and email address by clicking on the "My Business" tab. Check the course schedule in the "Registration Tools" channel and draft a possible schedule. If you have holds, visit the offices indicated to get holds waived or cleared for registration. All holds must be cleared before registering using UConnect or going to your respective college for advising.

2. After registering, you will be able to print out your new schedule and your tuition & fees bill. You may add courses via UConnect using the "Registration Tools" channels under the "My Business" tab until January 27th. Beginning January 22nd, all drops must be processed through your department or the Office of the University Registrar.

For on-site registration, check in with the Department Secretary of your major. You will be directed to an available faculty member for advising and schedule approval. You may have to schedule an appointment with the advisor.

Check your Degree Audit to ensure applicability of courses for which you have registered. Financial Aid may not pay for courses that are not applicable to your degree plan (including repeated courses).

3. Pay tuition & fees in the Business Office by January 27th or use the credit card payment option using UConnect on the web. Emergency loans and Deferred Payment Plans are available through the Business Office.

4. University IDs (TAMIU OneCard) may be obtained at the OneCard Center in ZSC 131.

5. Purchase books at the University Bookstore located in the ZSC 115.


Advising Locations for Continuing Students

All Undecided/Undeclared Freshmen/Sophomores Advising & Mentoring Center 326-2886 ZSC 222
Arts and Sciences


Department Secretary 326-2465 LBV 312
  Biology/Chemistry/Environmental Science Department Secretary 326-2441 LBV  312
  Arts/Dance/Music Department Secretary 326-2654 FPA 217B
  English/History/Spanish Department Secretary 326-2470 PLG 314
  Engineering/Mathematics/Physical Sciences Department Secretary 326-2440 LBV 312
  Criminal Justice/Political Science/Sociology Department Secretary


CNS 301
Business Administration

All Undergraduate Majors


Adm. Advisor


WHT 204C

  All Graduate Majors Graduate Adm. Advisor 326-2485 WHT 204B
Education Bilingual/ Early Childhood/ Reading/ Technology Department Secretary 326-2425 KLM 416A

Educational Administration/

Supervision/ Communication Disorders / Educational Diagnostician/ School Counseling/ Special Education
Department Secretary 326-2430 KLM 432
  Fitness and Sports/ Curriculum and Instruction (Blocks)



326-2426 KLM 431
  Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification Department Secretary 326-2427 KLM 434C
Nursing & Health Sciences





CNS 304


5201 University Boulevard, Laredo, TX 78041-1900 Work956.326.2100