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Beginning and Intermediate Medical Billing and Coding Certification Training


Texas A&M International University Office of Continuing Education's Beginning and Intermediate Billing & Coding training program consists of 54 hours of intensive classroom study. Students will learn how the billing process works, how to file insurance claims and how the collections process works. Students also learn how to use the CPT Manual and to demonstrate proper use and application of the CPT Code format in both diagnostic and procedural coding.

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Days/Times: Mondays, 6-9PM
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Location: TBA
Registration Fee: $3,195
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*Certification Exam* Location: TBA; Time: 6:00-8:00 PM

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This course has been approved by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Once a student successfully passes the 54 hours of classroom training, he or she will be registered for the NHA certification exam for Certified Billing and Coding Specialist. The cost of the certification exam is included in the tuition amount. For more information please visit the NHA website at

Billing 101: Billing, Insurance and Collections

During this course, students will learn how the billing process works, how to file insurance claims and how the collections process works.  When students complete this subject they will be able to recall the steps in the billing process, explain the superbill and assignment of benefits.  They will be able to recall reasons for claim denial, explain insurance terminology, benefits terminology and fundamental concepts of diagnosis and procedural coding.  Additionally, they will be able to describe managed care policies.  (6 hours)

Performance Objectives:

  • Identify steps of the billing process
  • Explain components of a superbill
  • Explain assignment of benefits
  • Explain how fees are determined
  • Explain the fundamental concepts of diagnosis and procedural coding
  • Identify legal and ethical concepts related to billing and collection
  • Describe the billing cycle and accounts receivable aging
  • Explain insurance and benefits terminology
  • Explain the components of an Explanation of Benefits statement
  • Describe the CMS-1500 form
  • Describe the life cycle of an insurance claim form
  • Identify reasons claims are denied
  • Explain Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage
  • Explain group insurance coverage
  • Explain Medicare and Medicaid coverage
  • Explain TRICARE/CHAMPVA coverage
  • Explain Worker’s Compensation coverage
  • Explain short-term and long-term disability coverage
  • Describe managed care policies
  • Explain legal and ethical issues related to billing and insurance


Coding 102: Medical Coding

During this subject students will learn how and why the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Manual was developed and its purpose in ensuring proper reimbursement for particular medical diagnoses and procedures.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to recall the how to use the CPT Manual and describe the importance of using the most current CPT Manual when performing coding tasks.  Additionally, students will demonstrate proper use and application of the CPT Code format in both diagnostic and procedural coding.  (48 hours)

Performance Objectives:

  • Identify the use of the CPT Manual
  • Define CPT
  • Recall who developed CPT Manual
  • Recall why the CPT Manual was developed
  • Know the importance of using a current-year CPT-Manual
  • Identify placement of CPT codes on the CMS-1500 insurance form
  • Recognize the symbols and list the major sections found in the CPT Manual
  • Describe the CPT code format
  • Append modifiers
  • Describe unlisted procedure/service
  • Describe the purpose of a special report
  • Recall Category I and II CPT codes
  • Locate terms in the CPT index
  • Identify the content of the CPT appendices
  • Demonstrate the ability to code procedures accurately
  • Demonstrate the ability to code services accurately

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