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Learn about the Trans-Texas Videoconference Network (TTVN) and videoconferencing basics in this section for Texas A&M International University distance learning students.

What is TTVN?

TTVN provides two-way multi-point digital videoconferencing and data transmission services to the institutions within its network. This includes the 10 TAMU System universities (College Station, Prairie View, Galveston, Commerce, Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Texarkana, West Texas, Texas A&M International University and Tarleton State University), the Health Science Center, The Agriculture and Engineering Extension and Experiment agencies, The Texas Forest Service, and the Texas Transportation Institute. In addition, several affiliate institutions consisting of colleges, universities, and Independent School Districts, are connected to the network due to academic relationships with TAMUS entities.

The network carries approximately 175 graduate classes each year, provides for over 5000 conferences annually, and is the backbone for all Web based courses that originate from TAMUS institutions. TTVN provides interactive services to a network that includes over 120 dedicated video sites and over 100 data sites in 40 Texas cities. There are also links to Mexico City and Costa Rica. There are 6 sites total on the Texas A&M International University campus and remote sites in Zapata, Cotulla, Carrizo Springs and Pearsall.

Videoconferencing Tips

Videoconferencing is two-way audio and video over the Internet. Texas A&M International University utilizes the Trans-Texas Videoconference Network for most of its videoconferencing needs. Here are some helpful tips to remember during a videoconference:

  • Turn your microphone on before speaking.
  • Turn your microphone off during long moments of silence to reduce the background noise received at the remote site.
  • Project your voice so the microphones broadcast your speech, and remember that microphone levels will vary from classroom to classroom.
  • Be aware of any sound delay, especially when asking questions to the remote site. Sound delay will be short (1 second) to non-existent depending on the videoconference connection quality.

Example of Videoconferencing ClassroomA Typical Videoconferencing Classroom

A typical videoconference classroom is equipped with a Tandberg videoconferencing unit, instructor desk, a touch panel, computer, document camera, flat panel monitors, videoconferencing cameras, VCR and DVD player, projector and projection screen. The front of the room has a flat panel monitors, and a projector that can display the remote or local site viewing.

A Typical Instructor Desk and Equipment

This is a picture of the desk in a classroom at the Western Hemispheric Trade Center building at Texas A&M International University. This desk includes:

  • Image of WHTC 224 Desk
    a computer
  • a  monitor and keyboard
  • a document camera
  • a USB Hub
  • Touch panel
  • VCR
  • DVD Player
  • a telephone

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Schedule a Videoconference

Contact us at least 48 hours before an event and select one of the following options:

Option 1: Initiate a Videoconference

  • I want to initiate a videoconference, which will be arranged, and It will be hosted by TAMIU and broadcasted to one or more remote locations.

Option 2: Join an existing videoconference

  • I want to join an existing videoconference that is being arranged and broadcast from a remote location.

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Sites at TAMIU

Click on the pictures to view the TTVN schedule for the desired room.

KL 253 Classroom Image

KLM 253

KL 420 Classroom

KLM 420


WHT 104


WHT 116


WHT 224


WHT 226


ZSC 226



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