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A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business :: Divisions
:: Ph.D. Program


Princeton 2011 Best Business School
Divisions within the A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business

Division of International Banking & Finance Studies (DIBFS)
  IBFS Mission

The mission of the Division is to prepare students for leadership positions in accounting, economics, finance, and marketing, through the delivery of academically sound and globally oriented undergraduate and graduate programs.

Division of International Business & Technology Studies (DIBTS)
  IBTS Mission

Our Divisionís main goal is to prepare students for leadership positions within management, international business, management information systems, and decision science. Through our programs, undergraduate and graduate students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to spur managerial and technological innovations in organizations, with the goal of improving productivity and quality.

The IBTS Division offers six major academic programs, and several concentration/minor academic programs.

PhD Program in International Business Administration
  PhD Program Mission

In carrying out its mission, the Ph.D. program will seek highly intelligent, knowledgeable and creative students who demonstrate an intense interest in international business administration and global issues. The Ph.D. program is committed to providing a nurturing and challenging intellectual environment for its faculty and doctoral students. The program emphasizes preparing the candidates to understand the complexities of business and its social and international contexts, while developing a specialized expertise and the research skills necessary to continue to expand the body of knowledge concerning international business administration.

Students will receive rigorous training in the discovery, acquisition, creation, extension, application and dissemination of knowledge of international business administration. This training will give them the tools for enhancing global productivity and provide understanding of the critical role cross-cultural factors play in shaping international business activity in a dynamic and interdependent world.

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