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Choosing a Program

Due to the great variety in programs, it is required of every TAMIU student to have attended a study abroad information session before their program.  This will allow the student to take into consideration the various aspects of each program and make a choice that fits with their personal interests and needs.  TAMIU study abroad programs can generally be catogorized into following (click on each link to get country and program listings):


  • Sponsored by TAMIU and partner schools/consortia
  • Remain enrolled at TAMIU (undergraduate 12 SCH, graduate 9 SCH minimum) and pay TAMIU tuition and fees
  • Study abroad duration typically one semester or one year, some summer program options with ISEP
  • Language of instruction often host country language, with exception of business programs and some Northern European and Asian countries
  • Credits calculated into TAMIU's GPA
  • Full transfer of financial aid (federal, state, and institutional).


  • Sponsored by study abroad organizations or other institutions
  • Apply through TAMIU and program provider, pay program fees directly to program provider
  • Study abroad periods can be summer, semester, or year-long
  • Attend classes with other US students, few integrated programs at host university
  • Language proficiency is generally not required, unless enrolling in regular university classes or language courses
  • Transfer credit calculated into cumulative TAMIU GPA
  • Study abroad organizations often offer their own scholarships to participants
  • Full transfer of financial aid (federal, state, and institional)


  • Sponsored by TAMIU or other universities
  • Remain enrolled at TAMIU and pay TAMIU tuition and fees
  • Duration short-term (4-6 weeks), most in summer, few in winter
  • Langauge of instructions typically in English, except for language programs
  • Credits calculated into TAMIU's GPA
  • Full transfer of financial aid (federal, state, and institutional)
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