In-State Travel

The In-State meal and lodging rates are available on the: Travel Reimbursement Rates website.

If the city is not listed, but the county is listed; use the rate of the county.
For areas not listed (city or county), the rates are: 
Lodging In-State: up to $96
Meals In-State/Out-of-State: up to $55

Although meal receipts are not required at the travel office, reimbursement of meals is based on actual expenses not to exceed the allowable rate per day. A carryover from one day to the next is not permitted. For example: If the meal per diem is $36 and a state employee incurs expenses of $ 38.00 on day 1 of a trip and $ 18.00 on day 2 of the trip, only $54.00 of those expenses are reimbursable.

Please note: Meals will only be reimbursed if the employee stays overnight.

A state employee may increase the lodging rate by decreasing the meal rate and adding the amount to the lodging rate.

Please Note: Taxes are not considered part of the lodging amount, but are considered incidental expenses. For In-State travel, city, county, and municipal taxes are the only reimbursable taxes. It is the responsibility of the traveler to present the Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate  **update form** to be exempt from the state hotel tax. Reimbursement of lodging taxes will be based on the lodging amount being reimbursed.

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