The Out-of-State meal and lodging rates are available on the: Travel Reimbursement Rates website.

If the city is not listed, but the county is listed; use the rate of the county.
For areas not listed (city or county), the rates are:
Lodging Out-of-State:  up to $96
Meals In-State/Out-of-State: up to $55

Please Note: Meals will only be reimbursed if the employee stays overnight.

A state employee may increase the lodging rate by decreasing the meal rate and adding the amount to the lodging rate.

Please Note: Taxes are not considered part of the lodging amount, but are considered incidental expenses. For Out-of-State travel all taxes are reimbursable.  Reimbursement of lodging taxes will be based on the lodging amount being reimbursed.

Reimbursements of lodging and meals is based on actual expenses not to exceed the federal GSA rates.  A State employee must incur the expense before he/she can claim it.

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