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                            Title                                                                               Title Code

Federal College Work Study Student                                                      7650

Federal College Work Study Student - Community Service              7649

State College Work Study Student                                                          7659

State College Work Study Student – Mentorship Program                7762

Student Assistant                                                                                       U7518

Student Computer Services Technician I                                             U7393

Student Coordinator (Orientation)                                                          U7463

Student Data & Information Assistant                                                    U7391

Student Hourly Assistant (Task Worker)                                                U7759

Student Intern                                                                                             U7635

Student Intern-QEP/ALE                                                                          U7669

Student Intern-Research (Graduate Student)                                      U7670

Student Manager                                                                                        U7671

Student Mentor                                                                                         JC6157

Student Orientation Advisor (Orientation Leaders)                             U7673

Student Research Assistant                                                                     U7678

Student Research Intern                                                                           U7743

Student Tutor - LBV                                                                                  U7682

Student Tutor I                                                                                            U7755

Student Worker I                                                                                        U7621

Student Worker II (Success Coach)                                                        U7622

Student Worker Special                                                                            U7762

Supplemental Instruction Leader I (Coach under UNIV COL)          U7685

Supplemental Instruction Leader II (For grants only)                         U7686

Supplemental Instruction Leader III (ULC/Writing Center)                            U7687

Criteria for all students (undergraduate and graduate) must:

  • Be registered at least half-time in a degree-granting course of study
  • Be meeting our institution's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Be a U. S. citizen or reside in the U.S. for other than a temporary purpose
  • Be in good academic standing and maintain a satisfactory level of academic progress toward a degree (thru FAFSA)
  • Not be in default on any educational loan, or owe a refund or repayment on any educational grant.

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