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The office of Disability Services for Students works hard to ensure that students receive the appropriate testing accommodations for the students that currently receive academic accommodations through our office. We want your testing experience to be smooth and efficient with minimal disruption. In order to do so and continue to maintain the integrity of the test being administered, all testing will take place at the Testing Center. The following rules are provided to help facilitate as seamless process as possible. These include:

  • Students must fill out a Test Request Form and submit it to the Office Disability Services for Students at least 48 HOURS in advance. Any test requests not submitted on time may not be guaranteed and testing space is LIMITED.
  • Students will test at the Testing Center at the Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center 201. In order to maintain integrity of the testing center and the exams being administered, please review the testing center’s information at TAMIU Testing Center
  • Students are to schedule exams at regular class time unless the student has a conflict with their class schedule or with Testing Center hours of operation. In this case, students are instructed to discuss alternate start times with their instructors prior to submitting a Test Request Form.
  • For online exams that do not require a proctor, please confirm with the professor that the extended time accommodation is in place.
  • Testing space at the Office of Disability Services for Students is no longer a viable option unless, of course, there are extenuating circumstances that might require an exception.

Please review your copy of Testing Accommodations: Testing Procedure Form for more information. A signed copy of this form was given to you in your envelope along with your Faculty Memorandum Letter.


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