Veteran Education Benefits Program

VA Education Benefits may be authorized for veterans and qualified dependents under specific chapters of Title 38, U.S. Code (USC). Each VA Education Program has distinct eligibility requirements. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs determines eligibility for VA Education Benefits. The Veterans Coordinator at Texas A&M International University cannot determine eligibility. Recipient can only receive one VA Federal Benefit at a time even if they are eligible for more than one VA Federal Benefit. Students who wish to apply for VA Federal Benefits can pick up a form from the TAMIU Veterans Affairs Office or go to the VA web site at http://www.gibill.va.gov to print the application. Once the application is complete, it must be submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you have specific questions on any of the chapters or eligibility requirements, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551.

Benefits Comparison

Comparison Tool/Payment rates of GI Bill Benefits

Military training

Texas A&M International University may award academic credit for coursework taken while in the Armed Services of the United States. Veterans must submit transcripts or other official documentation of completion of military training to the University Registrar for evaluation.

Request Military Transcript (Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard)

Air Force Transcripts


Students must pre-register for classes before the VA Coordinator can submit application and certify enrollment to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


  • Student Status
    It is the student’s responsibility to notify your VA coordinator if you reduce your hours of enrollment by withdrawing from a course, terminate your enrollment, or make any other changes that would affect your payment status. If you withdraw or drop a course, you may have to repay all or part of the benefits you received for the course(s).

Failure to notify your VA coordinator of changes in enrollment may result in an overpayment of benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs determines and collects overpayments from you.

  • Repeating a Course
    The VA will not pay you to repeat a course(s) for which you have received a passing grade (D or higher), whether the course was taken at Texas A&M International University or at another college or university. They will pay you to repeat a course under the following two conditions:

*You received a grade of "F" in the course. The VA will pay for you to repeat that course if it is required for graduation.

* You received a grade of "D" in the course and your Texas A&M International University degree program requires at least a grade of "C". It is your responsibility to notify your VA Coordinator if you are repeating a course under the above circumstances. If proper notification is not provided, an overpayment may occur and YOU will be held liable for repayment.

  • Policy for Students called to Active Duty
    If, as a member of a National Guard unit, Reserve Component, or as a discharged veteran, you are called to active duty, contact your VA coordinator immediately. You will need to provide a copy of your orders.